"As for God, His way is perfect; The word of the Lord is proven; He is a shield to all who trust in Him." - Psalm 18:30

Classes on I & II Samuel at the Bible School of the Amcericas, and Visit to Margarita church of Christ

Report by Roger Leonard

Teaching I & II Samuel
I had the task (and joy!) of teaching I & II Samuel at Panama campus of the Bible School of the Amcericas in August 2009. I went down on the 21st and returned on the 29th. The classes were conducted Monday - Friday. We covered all of I & II Samuel in 4.5 days. There were 22 students in all, including some students' wives.

Assignments were:

1. A notebook for all class sessions
2. A complete outline of both books
3. Four sermon outlines
4. Twenty memory verses
5. Four written exams

The students all did quite well and stayed with me all the way. There was much reading and few questions. The learning experience was the highlight of it all! And, you know, the teacher probably learns the most!

I mostly stayed on campus, cooked much of my own food, did much of my laundry, and stayed in touch with Alisa every day. 


Roger, Jack Farber (center) with the Bible School of the Americas students, Panama campus, August 2009.

The Sunday before the teaching week, I had the privelege to visit and worship with the Margarita church of Christ in Colon. One of the students from the school, Maximiliano Nuñez (below), from Argentina, taught the class, and I preached. After the assembly the church paid for our lunch at a local mall food court. On the way out, after seeing me give a tract to a young woman at the coffee bar, a guard (below) followed us to the van and asked for tracts! Leonardo Earlington, one of the preachers for the Margarita congregation, gave him some and invited him to visit the church. It was a good day - the entire church asked for prayers after the sermon!

Maximiliano NuñezGuard at the Mall near Margarita, Panama